About Thomas

Over the past fifty years I have strived to put thoughtful design, sensitive wood use, high quality joinery and craftsmanship, into the many stimulating and challenging woodworking projects that have come to me. I have been fortunate to have worked with some extremely talented people, and to have touched the wood from many incredible trees.


Wood Joinery

pavilion ( Richard Gluckman, A.I.A. )


Richard Gluckman AIA


Entry Gate

Not every piece of wood finds its way completely into a project and the off cuts are far too special to discard. So they are stored, waiting. Sometimes arboreal services will save trees from disposal, entrusting me with their care and then begins a dialogue with the tree. What is in you? How might I unveil your beauty? I have found that when the material has a voice which is included in the design process, the finished work is all the more wonderful. Often, when in the barn sorting through the wood, of my old acquaintances, the revisiting leads to fresh insights, and opens doors to yet - undreamed of possibilities, and in turn gives a new life to the wood.

cherry burl table

Cherry Burl Table

whimsical bench

Whimsical Bench

walnut smile stool

Walnut Smile Stool

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